Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our house before us.

I went to locate any permits that may have been issued in the past ten years for our house's past repairs and renovations. I'm waiting to hear back from the city.

Thanks to technology, I can keep a photographic record of the work we're doing to the house.

Looking down the hill of the North side of the house, you can see someone put in railroad toes to keep erosion down. Now they're rotted out termite-y tripping hazards. We're to remove them, and properly bank the earth do water will roll away from the house.

Above right is where we found a large nest of ground bees. We made them move out. I haven't seen them in about a week.

The elephant tubing will be buried once we get to making proper drainage around the house.

Looking uphill on the south side of the house were to do the same. In addition to replacing rotted wood under the deck. With some sweat and digging, we're going to make a French drain along this side if the house.

Finally, this week I will be regrouting the shower/tub surround as well as refreshing the grout on the floor tiles.

Being strong and handy has it's benefits.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Caulk!

Before: gross!!!


I cut old caulk..(snickers)

New shiny caulk...

My husband made a joke, "you sure can handle caulk!"

Home improvement is one awesome joke after another.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Work, play & REST

After a long day of serious play and work; my doggie and my husband lounge and snuggle on the couch... In our home. Life is grand!

Caulked sink


Nasty! Right?




Regrouting the bath/shower surround & caulking the gross corners.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our renovation

We've been in our newly purchased home a week and two days. Today we went to downtown and picked up construction permits for the repairs for the house. Which was totally smooth and easy to do, BTW.
Lastnight I began painting the bedroom. I hate dusty rose pink. So I decided to do what I've always wanted; a painted black bedroom.


After first coat of black.
I'm in love.