Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ah, cement!!!

This morning the cement truck was here.

I can't wait to draw in the finished cement out in front!

The soil under the house was really soft. The old foundation that was there was improperly capped, and during demo- it fell away with a slight tap of a crowbar.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Almost done! After the permit inspector gave us the green light for the concrete to get poured, I finished up setting the replacement tile in the shower.

I'm aware the tile doesn't match completely, but it was the fifth place I stopped at looking for a replacement tile.

It's actually the exact tile that is on the floor, so, it matches enough for me. :)
I also finished caulking the bathroom shower, sink, and some trim.

Last night I repaired the chip in the kitchen sink with an epoxy repair kit.
Jeremy has been kicking ass. He grated along the side if the house after removing the wood,

began fixing the shelf under the sink, and today he's fixing the wood trim around the garage door.

Our pumber came in, replaced the wax seal on the upstairs toilet, and shimmed it; solving the water problem.

Downstairs, he replaced the toilet after learning that the leak wasn't caused from the wax ring; but from the toilet actually being cracked! He GAVE us a dual flush toilet! Yes! It was a sample he didn't need. Rad! Woohoo!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother may I?

Today I went back to the Permit Center in the City if Oakland. I spent five-hundred some-odd-dollars on a permit that encompasses all water damage and dry rot repairs inside and outside the house. Another permit for the electical to install a $5 switch in our breaker panel (which the permit cost over a hundred and fifty dollars for.) Lastly, the plumbing repairs permit for leaks and toilets.
I wasn't happy with the whole transaction because the lady behind the desk did NOT read my fix-it list thouroughly enough, then, after I paid at the window, I returned to pick up my sign-off permit card- to discover the woman took off to get coffee!!!!! So, after she realized she'd forgotten about me, she had to print my card twice. By now I knew I was over my meter time and was going to get a parking ticket...and when I ran up to my car, the meter maid was just about to start my ticket. I said, "Hi, sorry. The lady at the permit center forgot me and went on her coffee break- that's why I'm late." I showed her my reciept, and she was nice enough to not give me a $55 parking ticket after I'd just spent so much for permits. Let the love shine on her! :)

After over-doing it and forcing myself to take a week off from grout raking and removal duty, I went back at it after two chiropactic visits, one acupuncture visit, and two highly productive deep tissue massages. Today I've begun isolating the broken tile in the shower for removal. Our HUD inspector is due for a visit Friday to help with our Draw Request.
Now I need to schedule a plumbing permit inspection. Argh!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Shoring digging and twiddling our thumbs

While we wait for the city to inspect the rebar for the foundation and piers, they've been jacking up the house so it's back to it's original state.

These were taken before they began digging to put the rebar into place for the concrete pour.
They're also digging for the piers down the center of the house all the way back.
We've been trying to research why the foundation was so screwed. Our number one answer was water. Back in the 1930's people didn't make French drains around their newly built homes. Most oridinary people don't understand how or why water gets so intrusive under their house; making it musty above ground, and wet in the crawlspace. In addition, most people never bother to look under their house on a regular basis. Regardless, the steps we make to avoid future water intrusion, will improve and extend the life of the rest of the house.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crooked girl in a crooked house

I injured my shoulder from overdoing it painting, grouting, and sleeping on it wrong. So, yesterday I visited our Chiropractor. He said I'm all twisted up and crooked. So, I'll be doing additional things to remain relaxed during the crucial period of our foundation getting redone.
Below, is the work that was finished up yesterday.

As you can see, the floor will need to be fixed or replaced.

The view from outside...

Today, they're scheduled to remove the old foundadtion. I'll be running errands, and leaving my dog at a friend's house.