Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Almost done! After the permit inspector gave us the green light for the concrete to get poured, I finished up setting the replacement tile in the shower.

I'm aware the tile doesn't match completely, but it was the fifth place I stopped at looking for a replacement tile.

It's actually the exact tile that is on the floor, so, it matches enough for me. :)
I also finished caulking the bathroom shower, sink, and some trim.

Last night I repaired the chip in the kitchen sink with an epoxy repair kit.
Jeremy has been kicking ass. He grated along the side if the house after removing the wood,

began fixing the shelf under the sink, and today he's fixing the wood trim around the garage door.

Our pumber came in, replaced the wax seal on the upstairs toilet, and shimmed it; solving the water problem.

Downstairs, he replaced the toilet after learning that the leak wasn't caused from the wax ring; but from the toilet actually being cracked! He GAVE us a dual flush toilet! Yes! It was a sample he didn't need. Rad! Woohoo!

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