Friday, May 6, 2011

Shoring digging and twiddling our thumbs

While we wait for the city to inspect the rebar for the foundation and piers, they've been jacking up the house so it's back to it's original state.

These were taken before they began digging to put the rebar into place for the concrete pour.
They're also digging for the piers down the center of the house all the way back.
We've been trying to research why the foundation was so screwed. Our number one answer was water. Back in the 1930's people didn't make French drains around their newly built homes. Most oridinary people don't understand how or why water gets so intrusive under their house; making it musty above ground, and wet in the crawlspace. In addition, most people never bother to look under their house on a regular basis. Regardless, the steps we make to avoid future water intrusion, will improve and extend the life of the rest of the house.

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