Monday, June 27, 2011

Dryrot repair and vacation

Being a homeowner sounds so wierd for me. The many years of my life rolling by, living paycheck to paycheck, and thinking to myself, wow, owning a home would never happen to me.
Well, since the hubby and I pulled it together- we're so excited to work on the little projects that make it our own.
To add to the gumption of wood working and dryrot repair, I finally hooked up the stereo.
I must say, when you're trying to extract your first ever wood windowsill to replace it- it's easy to get a little scared and anxiety ridden. Any expert you ask usually they'll say- "just take a saw and a chisel and cut the bugger out of there." well, there is NOTHING eloquent or nice and neat about ANY demolition work. You just gotta put on your protective gear and take the sawzall and sledgehammer and have a day at it.
The past four weeks of my day job(s) have been very busy, long days, and working 12-14 hour days. This week is the first week taking a few actual full days off.
Those days are allocated for windowsills.
The permit is ready for the stairs repair, so we're just waiting on our contractor to come do the work.
I'm excited to get the work done so we can take a vacation. We're thinking about going North in an RV to see more coastline and visit friends and family.

The window sills on my list.

Did I mention how in love we are with our home? We're so stoked!

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