Saturday, March 28, 2009

My husband rules.

Besides ruling my world, he rules at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...

he's the one in the center
My husband went to Los Angeles this weekend with his team mates for the 2009 Pan American Jiu Jitsu Championship under the Purple Belt Senior 1 and won the gold medal. (Yay FTW!) However, during the "Open" match where grapplers get to try their hand at grappling whoever- my dear husband messed up his ACL. The details on it are very fuzzy, and we won't know how bad it is until he goes to his doctor- but it doesn't look good. I'm really bummed about this and it really sucks. Please send your comments to him on his Myspace page. For the love, I'll post one of his pictures. I'm waiting patiently for him to come home so I can help him recover.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

For the Love of Pizza

This is my third year in entering the "Zachary's Poster Contest" and the deadline wasn't missed- I actually finished my entry! Previous years I've done posters with a sci-fi theme, so what a better homage to that then doing a Mystery Science Theater 3000 themed poster? The last two entries I submitted in the past have won; so I have yet to find out if I've bagged it once again this year. $100 free pizza and 2 t-shirts are surely enough to motivate me to coloring the gigantic poster. Although I'm much more addicted to their Caesar dressing; it is to die for.
Above is one of my previous winning entries. Below is the current entry.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Environments and Installation Art

Recently my husband Jeremy worked for an artist doing some installation work. The project was so intensive that she's put his name in the credit with her work. It didn't make the website- but I think it's great!
The opening is tonight at The Museum of Craft and Folk Art
He installed FLOR carpet tiles in Megan Wilson's Project. Below is one of the interiors that Megan has done in the past. EDIT: Photos of my husband in front of the exhibit.
photo credits: Home 1996 – 2008, San Francisco, California &
The Featured Exhibit for this show is by Mike Shine, who creates this pretty cool Environment called the ArtShack. (pictured below)
photo credits: Mike Shine Shine Shack, Bolinas, California &
The show also will have Edgar Arceneaux and Watts House Project, Jacob Sockness, Merritt Wallace, and documentation of famed California environments. Who'd a thought my ass-kickin' husband would ever be involved in Installation art?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Intermission everyone...

My blog is on hold until I can finish up organizing my tax paperwork. In the meantime, enjoy the photos...
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