Friday, October 16, 2009


The infill on the fence took me six hours to install. My mom helped out a little here and there. I had to cut each individual board on the fence so it would be level across the top; because the ground was uneven.

Pictured above was the beging of the infill. The following photos are the finished product.

The old lady next door has been complaining about the change in our yard. It's funny- now she can't look at it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Delays and moving onward

Today I finished the frame of the fence. I took a little bit of extra time because it was raining and I was cutting the wood in the garage. So, that proved to be time consuming. I was relieved since it wasn't as cold as the previous days. I wish I had more carpentry skills before starting this project. I made a lot of silly mistakes yesterday, that could've been avoided if I'd more experience. By the time I was screwing in the last few rails, I had a pretty good system down.
The neighbor kid stopped by to talk tattoos. He's been visiting my mom here and there to say hello and smoke a cigarette. I'm grateful that he visits her and I asked her to tell him I'd give him a tattoo for free. I just feel like it's a nice way to show him my appreciation.
Tomorrow is supposed to have a lot less rain; and I'm gearing up to cut the posts and hang the infill on the fence. I'm going to end up having to trim off 7" from each board. That will be fun for a 12'x15 dog run. Then once all that is done- I'm planning on begining the gate. I'm hoping to finish the gate by Saturday.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Building a fence

After quite a while I decided to come out to visit my mother in Minnesota. I've been working seven days a week all Summer long. So, naturally, once school started I had to begin planning some sort of vacation.
Plane tickets are super cheap- and my second cousins had been wanting me to bring out my equipment to tattoo them.
So the first day I was in for it & ended up tattooing for twelve hours straight. The next day was my second cousin's (Kella) 21st birthday. We celebrated it at my cousin Debbie's house in Zumbrota, Mn. My mom and I hauled the lumber she'd arranged to get from Kella's dad.
The next day was spent gathering supplies. It snowed. I can't say that I like the snow or the cold much unless i'm inside all snuggled up.
This morning was spent digging post holes then Debbie came by to help. Without her help, I don't think that we would have gotten all of the posts set in cement before sundown. That was awesome.