Thursday, November 4, 2010


Before we fall back on our clocks, fastly approches some of my favorite evenings filled with a glowing nearly blood red to purple sunset and orange and yellow leaves to crunch on the ground as you walk. Occasionally spotting the goth kid laying on a grave, smirking while smoking a clove cigarette.

I'm happiest here.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Because I Can...

The weather is awesome and the full moon has given me devil horns. So I want to be sassy and get a bit of the punk rock out. Bouncing around in my boots, happily I'm laughing, dancing, and being me. So, just fuck off...

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Sunday, June 6, 2010


My favorite hair salon tucked away in the Mission in SF, houses the top hairdressers I've come across. My great friend Jen has been the mastermind behind the colors of my hair for years now. Recently, the salon moved locations to the new and improved, 304 Valencia street, SF. Their grande re-opening is tonight, I'm hoping to be there. I'm looking forward to getting my hair recolored once again. I'm not sure what color yet. Maybe I'll go with ocean colors this time, since last summer I was flourescent hot pink and blood red.

Call them at 415-861-4526 and make an appointment. It will make your boring hair fabulous.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Learning & Mindfulness

The past few months have been rocky and difficult to traverse for me. Beginning with illness that was getting worse, to having to deal with anger, depression, acceptance, and forgiveness. All these, very valid, and very true; also very huge mountains for me to conquer. But these life challenges have come to me as a blessing in disguise; an incredibly ugly, painful and vile package it came in. Yet once stripped away the confusion, the anger, the sadness, the victimization and the wishes for justice; it all merely was a catalyst for my inner well being; my relationship suddenly came to that awakening it needed so desperately, my quickly dissolving health began to turn around almost immediately, and now I'm beginning to leach the poison out of my life that has bound me to negativity for weeks.
In my quest for quieting my mind and hushing the anger, hurt, and resentments; I've found some peace. Little by little, each day, I take with honesty and attempt to do so with a quiet calm. I'm learning what forgiveness is, and reaffirming my compassion and understanding.

In my younger days, I would have dealt with my problems with indifference, revenge, negativity and self destruction, even running away from them was often the answer for me. Although I still do escape a lot through music, it's been my constant throughout my life; even at 8 years old and thinking Foreigner and Don Henley were the shit. I found that besides my daily shower being my "me escape" time I've discovered meditation. Introduced to me by a dear close friend; she found a meditation group that didn't scare you away with the horrid touchy feely garbage that marks most Buddhists to be associated with hippies. It's meditation while keeping it real. Lol. Quiet time.
So, daily, I remind myself to accept, move on, forgive, love, embrace, laugh, and create. I hope you can, too. It's lovely.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Doggie dates

Fastly, were approaching our one year adoption anniversary for our wonderful doggie, Squeeks. She's a recognized by the American Kennel Club as a Canine Good Citizen. Where Jeremy and I put countless hours into training her to be such a good dog at her Bad Rap Pit Ed classes.

My dear hubby and doghter, Squeeks. Yet another joyus moment captured in our baby's life.

Thank you momma, for the great play date!

A toddler sharing her milk...

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Champion

Jeremy is now a brown belt under Edwardo Rocha in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Upon recieving his gold medal at his last competition in Los Gatos, he was also awarded his brown belt. This is Jeremy and Eduardo together.
Years ago I learned some sign language for a job I was working, Jeremy and I found some signs we liked. The sign he's throwing in this photo is for the letter G. It's his way of showing he appreciates my support and love throughout his training.

Our plans for the future are grande. The world is ours.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

In Stitches

I had a wild idea to stitch up a giant owl pillow. I bought some cool green wool felt, cut up the parts, stitched away...

I cannibalized an old pillow and used the stuffing. I like this little owl fellow; and am not sure if I want to give him away as a gift.
So cute.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Murder can be fun

My husband and I share so much in common; we both know the title to this blog entry refers to a fanzine published in the '90s called Murder Can Be Fun. Upon exiting the Great American Music Hall in SF last night he found a button from that very fanzine. Funny since when it was published most back in the 90's I would read it in Reno, NV and Jeremy would be doing the same in Berkeley, CA. He told me he had a Murder Can Be Fun datebook that a cop hassled him about having.
Lastnight was one of the funnest nights we've had out in a long time. Jeremy found out the Murder City Devils were booked to play two shows in SF. Seeing how we're friends with the band (through Jeremy's connections) it was prudent we go and say hello them as well as watch them play live, some of our favorite all time songs. Gabe, the tour manager, gave us backstage passes. It was sweet to be shuffled around like a queen and such.
We talked about puppies, jiu jitsu, music, Seattle, Los Angeles, and laughed a lot. It was awesome to talk with Gabe, Dann, Spencer, Derek, Nate, & Leslie. We even ran into several friends from Oakland. I wish I'd taken more photos lastnight; but often being backstage; I don't like being in people's faces with the camera.

After Jeremy laughed with Gabe about when going into a match, he shakes his opponent's hand and says, "Lets have some fun" while pointing out the backstage passes "fun times" I told Gabe about my summer camp called Super Happy Fun Playtime. He liked it apparently. :)

Although, Spencer sings this song for his love, Coco, I must say, these days it really hits home for me on so many levels, it's called "Dear Hearts"

Dear Hearts
I had a rough start
Don't let it fall apart
Until the fire start
We'll rip it all apart
Gonna show, show some strong heart
I had a slow start
But I'm ready for the good part
We made the right choice
If there's something wrong you know they'll find it
Well, I say
I say let'em have it
I got a preachers mouth and
A rock n' roll heart
A rock n' roll heart
Well somewhere between the round and the square
There's a spiral
Take ya to the top
Right to the top
And once we started
You know damn well
You know we can't be stopped
Dear hearts
We had a rough start
You know its the slow music of the spirit
It makes ya wanna touch
You know its much too much
You know its much too much, oh
And it's the spirit
That makes ya wanna touch, oh
We made the right choice
If there's something wrong you know they'll find it
Well I say let'em have it,
Let 'em have it, oh

I will update this entry of the Slim's show with photos taken by a friend, and more on backstage mayhem.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Travel, liesure & bloodsport

This weekend is the second one this month where my husband and I go for a road trip. We're having a lovely time in Lake Tahoe, and bringing my mom to visit her friends, family, and do some business. A pit stop in Reno will happen, and a workday for me tomorrow at a tattoo shop in Carson. I've got a full day of work ahead of me tomorrow.
Jeremy found us a sweet hotel that allows pups. We'll have a great time, and have a good visit with friends.
My husband's brown belt is getting closer within grasp, and I'm so proud of him. I've supported every effort he's made in the past SIX years in his jiu jitsu career. His team mates are always so surprised by how supportive I've been. Most ladies eventually sour of the jiu jitsu stealing their hubby's spare time. I made him two shadow boxes to house his most noteworthy medals. I'll begin on a third after next month.

One of my many hipstamatic pics of my dear tired hubby after class and a glass of vino. I remember the days when I took BJJ and would be so pooped after a long sparring session. Although I really enjoy boxing much more than jiu jitsu. Punching people is much more satisfying to me than wrestling.

I took this photo of my man's hands after he did a kettle bell training session with his instructor. It's one of the sexiest photos I have of him.
Time to kick ass.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh, have you seen Lydia?

My new blog for Tattoos only.. follow it... you'll have some fun!

Come see the new blog!
Originally uploaded by GAYTHA

Oh, Lydia the Tattooed Lady...

You can see it here:

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Hipstamatic

I admit I'm an iPhone app junkie. If it looks fun to use, doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and helps feed my creative streak, I most likely have it. Last summer when my home pc died, in an effort to keep up I'm my email, and still be able to do things I love like photography, art, and Photoshop. Then I found the Hipstamatic. Like those great toy cameras like the Holga, this app processes you iPhone photos to look like those moody pics from our teenyears and childhood. The app also links you to a store to purchase gels for the "flash" and an array of other lenses. Digital never lokoked so analog.
I took this photo on a dog walk in the Mountain View Cemetery.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy happy New Year!

The past few months have been so busy, an update is now in order. We're so overjoyed by our pet Squeeks, she's like a happy alarm clock in the morning, and a character to play with in the evening. I ran across this article on the Badrap blog, and thought it should be shared with more people.

In the tattooing department; when it rains, it pours. That said, I've given and gotten some sweet ink lately. Here is one I really got a kick out of.

Over the summer my computer died, and it wasn't user friendly enought for me to type out blog posts on my iphone, so I just let them slide. Now I have a 1TB hard drive, and bare-bones software. My music is still patchy, and I'm still trying to get my itunes to work properly. Silence has been the popular tune lately.

The velvet painting remained on hold since summertime, and I plan to resume them this week. The portraits I dabble in here and there- I just need to build the confidence that I won't be butchering the beautiful faces of these amazing drag queens.
I finished the doggie area of the back yard, and will hopefully post some before and after photos. I'm also working on getting rid of things that I don't use, or have no use to me. This included editing my etsy shop down to small vintage items and just art. I looked at my books for last years etsy sales, and ended up learning I lost $100 to it. As much work as I put into the vintage aspect of my shop, I decided to quit the vintage sales and focus on my art. I did sell a tiki painting on etsy that i was going to have in my art show, it was the "Cheeseburger" painting. I think I may just go for it and paint another.
My lovely and amazing painting of Peaches Christ was "lost" by the Oakland Art Museum and the East Bay Express people along with a large tiki painting, and the watercolor of the medusa tattoo I did on my friend Brenda. Needless to say, I still need to get them to pay up; but it may be to my advantage- advertising. I know some people, so I will pull some strings. The loss of thta epic painting still has me really bitter, and it stilted my momentum on the painting. Since then I've got unfinished Metal Patricia and Heklina. I know once I'm done with those two, I can relax into doing a couple of large tikis and follow up on some cheeky paintings of monsters and maybe some criminal portraits. I haven't made a solid deadline for the show, so maybe I will work on that asap.