Friday, May 7, 2010

Murder can be fun

My husband and I share so much in common; we both know the title to this blog entry refers to a fanzine published in the '90s called Murder Can Be Fun. Upon exiting the Great American Music Hall in SF last night he found a button from that very fanzine. Funny since when it was published most back in the 90's I would read it in Reno, NV and Jeremy would be doing the same in Berkeley, CA. He told me he had a Murder Can Be Fun datebook that a cop hassled him about having.
Lastnight was one of the funnest nights we've had out in a long time. Jeremy found out the Murder City Devils were booked to play two shows in SF. Seeing how we're friends with the band (through Jeremy's connections) it was prudent we go and say hello them as well as watch them play live, some of our favorite all time songs. Gabe, the tour manager, gave us backstage passes. It was sweet to be shuffled around like a queen and such.
We talked about puppies, jiu jitsu, music, Seattle, Los Angeles, and laughed a lot. It was awesome to talk with Gabe, Dann, Spencer, Derek, Nate, & Leslie. We even ran into several friends from Oakland. I wish I'd taken more photos lastnight; but often being backstage; I don't like being in people's faces with the camera.

After Jeremy laughed with Gabe about when going into a match, he shakes his opponent's hand and says, "Lets have some fun" while pointing out the backstage passes "fun times" I told Gabe about my summer camp called Super Happy Fun Playtime. He liked it apparently. :)

Although, Spencer sings this song for his love, Coco, I must say, these days it really hits home for me on so many levels, it's called "Dear Hearts"

Dear Hearts
I had a rough start
Don't let it fall apart
Until the fire start
We'll rip it all apart
Gonna show, show some strong heart
I had a slow start
But I'm ready for the good part
We made the right choice
If there's something wrong you know they'll find it
Well, I say
I say let'em have it
I got a preachers mouth and
A rock n' roll heart
A rock n' roll heart
Well somewhere between the round and the square
There's a spiral
Take ya to the top
Right to the top
And once we started
You know damn well
You know we can't be stopped
Dear hearts
We had a rough start
You know its the slow music of the spirit
It makes ya wanna touch
You know its much too much
You know its much too much, oh
And it's the spirit
That makes ya wanna touch, oh
We made the right choice
If there's something wrong you know they'll find it
Well I say let'em have it,
Let 'em have it, oh

I will update this entry of the Slim's show with photos taken by a friend, and more on backstage mayhem.

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