Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mighty Boosh

Having fun....

tee heeee he he heeeee

Monday, November 24, 2008

holiday gifts

FYI: Print out this and paste it all over town please.

I'm working full two days this week, then the rest of the time off.
Hustle time.

I spent the day with my two little kids friends at an indoor water park-community center 45 minutes from here. We had a blast, and it was on the clock. The mom(s) asked me to take their car which was a brand new Mercedes Benz. Well, fuck me. That was the first time I've driven one- and hopefully the last. Nice nice-ness of shit I don't need. It was like getting a taste of an elite out-of-grasp, seductive, highly addictive drug. I needed to slap myself. I've always hated everything about these cars (conspicuous consumerism, price, wastefulness, yadda yadda yadda) and how the drivers of them often drive. I found myself in the shoes of the people I generally am disgusted with. I had to admit I could get used to a car that sweet. flooring it in that car on the freeway was awesome. But I enjoy my 11 year-old Honda. I keep the interior clean, and exterior looking like a hobo's jacket. That alone, makes my car nearly completely theft-proof. It's like those crusty punks and how their clothing looks almost like leather but once was denim- the nasty grime keeps the fabric held together- just like the coating of grime and bird shit that keeps my car held together. Its paid for, I prefer to bike wherever I can anyway. It was fun tho.

Now, I'm attempting to make my family members funny gifts they'll use. Yes, this will be goofy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Action creates motivation

In an effort to avoid doing dished I thought an update was overdue.

Last night I realized I'm a bad friend and forgot my good friend Lori's Birthday. So I stalked her a little and found her Amazon Wishlist and had a few things on it sent to her. She moved to New Jersey with her hubby- and we miss them tons.
After all that was exhausted I looked to the two paintings I've been working on. The Luchadore has another coat of paint on him, and I put another coat of gel medium on the butterfly painting I've been scheming to finish. I keep promising myself that I can move on to the next new craft project just so long as I finish the unfinished ones.

This does not help with the heap of drawings I've been reworking for some tattoos. But I think that may be another blog entry.

The hubby has been making noise about a road trip and I nearly made the choice to actually take a road trip to visit my mom in Minnesota in December. Yes, you can slap me- but I did decided it was a BAD idea. Although I am built for cold weather and hard work, my mind just pinches me and says "What the hell are you thinking?" anytime I even entertain the idea of going to Minnesota during the Winter. I think that trip best be made in the Spring. But now he wants to go to Seattle. I don't know how I feel about this. I've never been there, it will be Christmas break, and honestly- I'll only feel good about it if we have the patio done. That patio is the thorn in my side. I want it done- but until then the backyard is nearly completely uninhabitable. It looks like the trash heap in Sanford & Son brandishing a big 15 foot rectangular hole in the ground about 4 inches deep. The idea is a brick patio with two large long rectangular raised vegi- garden beds. A fence that blocks out any communication with the crazy cat lady next door, and a quickly growing bamboo forest blocking out the noise-making neighbors on the other side. While trying to fall asleep I visualize the finished product and smile. A punch list written in sharpie marker posted on the fridge might attract attention.

Now to go conquer MT. DIRTYDISHES.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Life has been hustle and bustle. My friend Jesse stayed this weekend for a little vacation from the Northern Nevada humdrum. I have an ever-growing list of things to do. I nearly have all the parts I need to redesign my home-office space. I'm excited. I've been in an interior design mindset and have been cleaning the house like crazy. I worked on paintings, some skull magnets, and some shadowbox projects.

I'm happy that Obama won the election. I'm also increasingly entertained to observe the unemployed, the drug dealers, and non-voters rejoice over the new president.

I love tattooing. I really have no complaints. Watched Slither tonight. Funny.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prop 8 and the men I love.

Although most of my friends know where I stand on Prop8 (UNFAIR + WRONG)I just wanted to share one of the reasons why I feel this way about it.
Since I've been a fan of both Henry Rollins and Vin Diesel, and both find them very attractive, I also have to support their right to freedom of sexual preference.
It is saddening to learn one of the punk rock idols of your teen years is off of the hetero-dating circuit. My later years of watching pedestrian action films I became a fan of Mr. Diesel. Yeah. He's gay (or so I've heard).
I have no intentions to ever want to date either of them (I'm married and love him very much.) But given the chance (retrospectively) I'd hit that shit. That said, I'm sure many women fans could agree with me, it's a loss to us chicks who like our men angsty and build like a brick shit house. But since they both are being honest with themselves, I couldn't be more delighted! Not to mention, my gay friends now have a whole new dating opportunities open to them in the LA area, I mean shit, wouldn't you wanna date either of them?
That said, here are the two men that I feel both would compliment one another perfectly. (Besides wanting to be sammiched by them both, this is just my little fantasy...) If they were to get married- I'd be so happy I would cry out of pure joy to know the two finding happiness between their two pairs of muscular sexy arms.