Monday, November 24, 2008

holiday gifts

FYI: Print out this and paste it all over town please.

I'm working full two days this week, then the rest of the time off.
Hustle time.

I spent the day with my two little kids friends at an indoor water park-community center 45 minutes from here. We had a blast, and it was on the clock. The mom(s) asked me to take their car which was a brand new Mercedes Benz. Well, fuck me. That was the first time I've driven one- and hopefully the last. Nice nice-ness of shit I don't need. It was like getting a taste of an elite out-of-grasp, seductive, highly addictive drug. I needed to slap myself. I've always hated everything about these cars (conspicuous consumerism, price, wastefulness, yadda yadda yadda) and how the drivers of them often drive. I found myself in the shoes of the people I generally am disgusted with. I had to admit I could get used to a car that sweet. flooring it in that car on the freeway was awesome. But I enjoy my 11 year-old Honda. I keep the interior clean, and exterior looking like a hobo's jacket. That alone, makes my car nearly completely theft-proof. It's like those crusty punks and how their clothing looks almost like leather but once was denim- the nasty grime keeps the fabric held together- just like the coating of grime and bird shit that keeps my car held together. Its paid for, I prefer to bike wherever I can anyway. It was fun tho.

Now, I'm attempting to make my family members funny gifts they'll use. Yes, this will be goofy.

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  1. after the sustainable energy revolution really takes hold, all the cars will run on optimism and you'll have to turn your frown upside down, or else go nowhere heckof fast!