Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prop 8 and the men I love.

Although most of my friends know where I stand on Prop8 (UNFAIR + WRONG)I just wanted to share one of the reasons why I feel this way about it.
Since I've been a fan of both Henry Rollins and Vin Diesel, and both find them very attractive, I also have to support their right to freedom of sexual preference.
It is saddening to learn one of the punk rock idols of your teen years is off of the hetero-dating circuit. My later years of watching pedestrian action films I became a fan of Mr. Diesel. Yeah. He's gay (or so I've heard).
I have no intentions to ever want to date either of them (I'm married and love him very much.) But given the chance (retrospectively) I'd hit that shit. That said, I'm sure many women fans could agree with me, it's a loss to us chicks who like our men angsty and build like a brick shit house. But since they both are being honest with themselves, I couldn't be more delighted! Not to mention, my gay friends now have a whole new dating opportunities open to them in the LA area, I mean shit, wouldn't you wanna date either of them?
That said, here are the two men that I feel both would compliment one another perfectly. (Besides wanting to be sammiched by them both, this is just my little fantasy...) If they were to get married- I'd be so happy I would cry out of pure joy to know the two finding happiness between their two pairs of muscular sexy arms.


  1. They can still canoodle. All that Prop 8 really means is that Vin can't visit Henry in the hospital when Henry tears his groin muscle lifting amazingly heavy objects.


  2. Canoodle... that's a funny word. But I won't complain if I'm caught in a Hen-vin Manwich!
    Wocka wocka!