Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Action creates motivation

In an effort to avoid doing dished I thought an update was overdue.

Last night I realized I'm a bad friend and forgot my good friend Lori's Birthday. So I stalked her a little and found her Amazon Wishlist and had a few things on it sent to her. She moved to New Jersey with her hubby- and we miss them tons.
After all that was exhausted I looked to the two paintings I've been working on. The Luchadore has another coat of paint on him, and I put another coat of gel medium on the butterfly painting I've been scheming to finish. I keep promising myself that I can move on to the next new craft project just so long as I finish the unfinished ones.

This does not help with the heap of drawings I've been reworking for some tattoos. But I think that may be another blog entry.

The hubby has been making noise about a road trip and I nearly made the choice to actually take a road trip to visit my mom in Minnesota in December. Yes, you can slap me- but I did decided it was a BAD idea. Although I am built for cold weather and hard work, my mind just pinches me and says "What the hell are you thinking?" anytime I even entertain the idea of going to Minnesota during the Winter. I think that trip best be made in the Spring. But now he wants to go to Seattle. I don't know how I feel about this. I've never been there, it will be Christmas break, and honestly- I'll only feel good about it if we have the patio done. That patio is the thorn in my side. I want it done- but until then the backyard is nearly completely uninhabitable. It looks like the trash heap in Sanford & Son brandishing a big 15 foot rectangular hole in the ground about 4 inches deep. The idea is a brick patio with two large long rectangular raised vegi- garden beds. A fence that blocks out any communication with the crazy cat lady next door, and a quickly growing bamboo forest blocking out the noise-making neighbors on the other side. While trying to fall asleep I visualize the finished product and smile. A punch list written in sharpie marker posted on the fridge might attract attention.

Now to go conquer MT. DIRTYDISHES.

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