Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy happy New Year!

The past few months have been so busy, an update is now in order. We're so overjoyed by our pet Squeeks, she's like a happy alarm clock in the morning, and a character to play with in the evening. I ran across this article on the Badrap blog, and thought it should be shared with more people.

In the tattooing department; when it rains, it pours. That said, I've given and gotten some sweet ink lately. Here is one I really got a kick out of.

Over the summer my computer died, and it wasn't user friendly enought for me to type out blog posts on my iphone, so I just let them slide. Now I have a 1TB hard drive, and bare-bones software. My music is still patchy, and I'm still trying to get my itunes to work properly. Silence has been the popular tune lately.

The velvet painting remained on hold since summertime, and I plan to resume them this week. The portraits I dabble in here and there- I just need to build the confidence that I won't be butchering the beautiful faces of these amazing drag queens.
I finished the doggie area of the back yard, and will hopefully post some before and after photos. I'm also working on getting rid of things that I don't use, or have no use to me. This included editing my etsy shop down to small vintage items and just art. I looked at my books for last years etsy sales, and ended up learning I lost $100 to it. As much work as I put into the vintage aspect of my shop, I decided to quit the vintage sales and focus on my art. I did sell a tiki painting on etsy that i was going to have in my art show, it was the "Cheeseburger" painting. I think I may just go for it and paint another.
My lovely and amazing painting of Peaches Christ was "lost" by the Oakland Art Museum and the East Bay Express people along with a large tiki painting, and the watercolor of the medusa tattoo I did on my friend Brenda. Needless to say, I still need to get them to pay up; but it may be to my advantage- advertising. I know some people, so I will pull some strings. The loss of thta epic painting still has me really bitter, and it stilted my momentum on the painting. Since then I've got unfinished Metal Patricia and Heklina. I know once I'm done with those two, I can relax into doing a couple of large tikis and follow up on some cheeky paintings of monsters and maybe some criminal portraits. I haven't made a solid deadline for the show, so maybe I will work on that asap.

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