Thursday, October 15, 2009

Delays and moving onward

Today I finished the frame of the fence. I took a little bit of extra time because it was raining and I was cutting the wood in the garage. So, that proved to be time consuming. I was relieved since it wasn't as cold as the previous days. I wish I had more carpentry skills before starting this project. I made a lot of silly mistakes yesterday, that could've been avoided if I'd more experience. By the time I was screwing in the last few rails, I had a pretty good system down.
The neighbor kid stopped by to talk tattoos. He's been visiting my mom here and there to say hello and smoke a cigarette. I'm grateful that he visits her and I asked her to tell him I'd give him a tattoo for free. I just feel like it's a nice way to show him my appreciation.
Tomorrow is supposed to have a lot less rain; and I'm gearing up to cut the posts and hang the infill on the fence. I'm going to end up having to trim off 7" from each board. That will be fun for a 12'x15 dog run. Then once all that is done- I'm planning on begining the gate. I'm hoping to finish the gate by Saturday.

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