Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saying goodbye to my babies

I've recently listed my baby Split- leaf philodendrons on craigslist. These guys came off my 36" tall "Philo Monster" Which I'm attempting to sell to my co worker who's trying to redecorate her home and add some greenery to it. I'm getting rid of these guys because they're all listed as "toxic to dogs and cats." And I'd rather have no worries that my doghter is going to eat my greenery.

Along with that, I've begun to dig up the crab grass in my back yard by hand. I shovel about 12-15" down and pull and sift through the soil to pull out all of the crab grass roots. I average about 8s/f hr. My major obsticles have been the fact I've ran into TWO cemented-in 2 foot by 1 foot metal fence posts that someone cut down and buried in 25 years of dust, erosion, crab grass, and litter. Through my excavations I've discovered a dental cast of someones teeth, 2 marbles, a child's barrett, two potato bugs, a fork, eighteen rusty nails, enough broken glass to start a recycling program, seven earthworms and five salamanders. I also unearthed a walkway that was buried under all this filth that has a horse shoe embedded in it with the year 1941 drawn into it. Now that's awesome. I'm keeping the walkway, as it provides a pathway to the brick patio that my husband has already done most of the work on.


  1. Oh, the plants along my fence are a green Japanese Maple, three bamboo plants, and a Japanese Arila.

  2. About your split leafs, I can't find and information about them! Will they eventually flower??