Friday, May 29, 2009

Putting it out there

Sometimes just putting yourself out there is the scariest thing there is. Yesterday I went to interview at a tattoo shop to help cover shifts. This is the first formal interview I've had since the beginning of my apprenticeship. Now that I'm wiser, have a portfolio and the experience; opportunities have been coming to me in weird ways. Friends, acquaintances, and through pure serendipity I've managed to connect with two shops in hopes for something part-time. I should be hearing back from them soon.
I wear many hats already. Working with children in an after-school program, selling vintage clothing and some art in my etsy shop, and tattooing in my private studio have kept me busy. But this may be the open door I need to further my tattooing. My humility has me a bit terrified over it all. Below I decided to post some of my portfolio highlights.


  1. Wow! You're doing some really great work!!! I still want to get a tat from you. It will happen. It will it will it will!

  2. That's so exciting!
    I know what I want you tattoo on me :) I'll have to getcha before you're too busy!