Monday, August 31, 2009

why haven't you updated? this is why....

My computer died last month, so I bought an iphone to be able to keep up on the daily emails and other such garbage. The past moth I've been really burning the candle at both ends. Running a summer camp, running a household, and tattooing at the shop on the weekends. Yesterday was my first day off in a while- and most of it was spent drawing a giant dragon tattoo design. I've completely neglected my etsy shop for the entire summer but managed to still squeeze in some yard work and quality time with my dog.
In the meantime while I wait for my computer savvy friend to send me a list of the things I need to purchase to resurrect my dead computer- I've been downloading some really cool iphone apps that have kept me in the loop. I edited my reading list on blogger/google so the updates wouldn't take hours to read.

I might be moving on from one morning job to a new family (I nanny in the mornings for a couple of hours & bring kids to school) but recent tragic events have slowed the whole thing.
The doggie is doing awesome. She moved up to Tim's obedience class; and is begining to understand that we're the bosses. She's been so behaved! Such a cutie too!
Life is grand.

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