Monday, February 9, 2009

Cheesburger and One-Half Queen

Following Lux Interior's sad departure from earth I spun my Cramps records; live, singles, EPs, Picture Discs... every day. It took me on quite a trip. All a while I finished up the tiki god I'd been working on. I could say that the colors were really pulled out of my hat. I'd normally never put these three colors together on a velvet canvas; they just came to me. Inspired by The Cramps' "Songs the Lord Taught Us." I name him "Cheeseburger" Funny thing- I really think cheeseburgers are gross. The melted American cheese fills my heart with all sorts of wretching. While waiting for paint to dry I began a portrait of Hedwig A very raw, stripped down punkish looking rendition of the mug on the movie poster. I'm working on trying to find the correct value to make it gold enough to place in a golden frame. My deadline for this week is a tiny bit behind- but I know I can jump start it tomorrow.

This painting is also for sale $100 ppd via my etsy shop

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