Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Murder City Devils 2.15.09

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Most of the photos I took that night were gawdaweful. But I enjoyed myself. Quite the night to remember. Thanks guys! And Thank you Jeremy!

We got there and it was pouring rain. There was a line down the street in front of the Great American Music Hall. Jeremy and I waited in our car luckily getting parking right around the corner. When we were returning to the car from line, Jeremy looked up at an airport shuttle- and waved. The band had just arrived, and their flight was three hours late- but the show went off without a hitch. Spencer walked passed us in line, and got us in "guestlist" style. In my old age, I'm thinkin' that's the only way to go. We were given all access passes by Gabe. (who rocks it by the way.) The show was great, the early crowd was pretty mellow. I could tell that the band was tired from the first few shows on their tour- but they were still awesome. After their set was over I nabbed the set list.(it's my very guilty pleasure of collecting them makes me shameless in asking for them.) We all convened backstage and saddled up and went to the Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel. Tiki fun. The pictures say it all. Drank a Zombie and had the pleasure of meeting some new friends Tobias and Cara; who are also friends with Bonni (a friend of mine.) There was a pedestrian cover band that played bad pop songs or butchered good pop songs (however you may see it.) The dance floor was full of people which Spencer described it like being at a wedding reception. Jeremy rocks for bringing me home a souvenir too. We high-tailed it outta there and sat backstage until the second show started. We had to get new all-access passes, and I managed to find my friend Maria and her friend Megan out on the floor. The drink I had earlier and some Jameson backstage got me all all riled up. I took a ton of really bad photos (which I edited last night and today) Of which only a few you can even make out a little. I video taped one song, but I'm not really happy with the quality. After the show we went backstage, talked with friends, and I managed to meet Jello Biafra. It was the first time, and was introduced to him by Jeremy. We said our goodbyes and thank yous to our band-related friends and went home. I fell asleep by 2Am. What an awesome night.

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