Monday, July 6, 2009

The New Hairy Thing in our Lives.

Squeeks, Squeekalicious, Squeekarella, Squeekie, Snorgaler, Snorkey, Snorter, Stinky, Farty, Squeekster, Squeekalikkie... The list goes on...
Aside from the expected second week of in house accidents- things have been everso sweet with Squeeks. She's got such a sweet personality. She's a bit shy, and we're working on that. it seems she feels much safer around new people when Jeremy and I are both together. We go out of our way to help her understand that meeting new people inour home is a great thing, and having people around is a really good thing. By all means our house is NOT a revolving door- but we do tend to have a couple of people over each week for work related things or visits for waffles and bacon. (yes!)
Daily we've been taking her on hour long walks in the Piedmont Cemetery or beach-side in Alameda. She's so expressive and good-mannered!
Last night, while she was with Jeremy in the dining room, I took the opportunity to take a shower- when I came out she had torn apart her "flappy" toy and pulled out most of the stuffing. It was all over the floor. I walked in and quietly smiled and looked at Squeeks. She was hanging her head with her tail between her legs. She was so guilty looking. So I said, " awe- it's a good thing to tear apart toys!" and took the remainder of the flappy toy, got down on the floor and stared tearing the rest of the stuffing out all while playing with her. She got the message that it was okay- and that she wasn't in trouble. What a little darling.

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  1. She is tooo cute! love the name! am off to catch up on your blog! happy week!