Thursday, January 22, 2009


Insinuendos: A hybrid word in⋅sin⋅u⋅ate + in⋅nu⋅en⋅dos = Insinuendos to title the shop of my close friend, Maria. She is a meticulous artist that works with a number of items that would normally make the average crafter wallow in their own failures and hang themselves. The monumental amount of fine detail and finesse she uses with sculpy, glitter, glass beads, rhinestones, nail polish, and the ever-popular industrial strength caustic glue E-6000 produces an outcome that is truly stunning. Maria's trinket boxes bring to mind horror and classical literature with a heaping helping of sardonic humor. I've been graced with the privilege of being close friends with this lady as well as receiving stellar hand made Day of the Dead-inspired gifts- sculptures that now grace the walls of my home.
I feel privileged to be able to call her a close friend. She's a sweet, super-smart, and creative force. Some days I enjoy crafting along side her in hopes that her craft wizardry will rub off in some way. She's inspiring and full of gumption. Visit her etsy shop. Her trinket boxes are one of a kind, and really worth way more than the going price.

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  1. I find you very inspiring, as well. I said when I moved back to the Bay I was gonna make you my role model, and since I've done that, I've been so much happier.
    I'm lucky to have you in my life :)