Saturday, January 17, 2009

Medusa & Bloodsuckers

I'm working on another epic tattoo. Medusa for a friend of mine. It's due tomorrow.
The sketches have been made; They were just approved with an enphatic "Fucking amazing. Holy shit." In the meantime I'll paint in watercolors so I have a decent color scheme going for her. Tracing over and over, tweaking and tweaking.

I went to the Parkway Theater where a couple of friends and I saw "Let the Right One In" which was a very amazing vampire flick from Sweden. It was a nice compliment to the cheese of the Twilight series I devoured over the last month and a half. It's pretty obvious that my obsession with the cheese of "Horror" involving vampires, since I finished "Eclipse" in December and suggested a side trip to Forks, WA while we were in the Seattle area over Christmas. I even went back and repurchased all the Poppy Z. Brite books I've read in the past. Lastnight I can safely say that I will be cementing my collection with a dvd of the movie I saw last night.

My friend Lori wrote a sweet review for it in Me-Likey.

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