Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My mother always illustrated the importance of list making for me. She'd knit out a grocery list so involved, it was listed in the order of the grocery store in which items were placed so she wouldn't have to walk in circles around the store. Her script writing is so classy, you'd think Jeeves was writing the list.
Last weekend I made the house spotless while my husband was in Vegas for work. While doing so I discovered several lists. Normally when I finish a list, I toss it. The amount of unfinished lists I found was dumbfounding. Some are still necessary, and I'll use them soon, but I honestly believe that if I don't make a list, I'll forget what I was going to do. CRAZY.

Most of the time, I have so much on my mind I cannot concentrate, so I spew it all out into a list- then I forget about it- until I need it. Then one day, Jeremy came home after visiting Richard and Amy at 1984Printing and he brought me home this sweet little book. Now, I'm keeping all my lists in one place. Hooray for doing away with scraps of paper everywhere! Write here has space for my ramblings, lists, and brandishes drawings by Cindy Crabb that are soo cute. Purchase one! 5x7 fits in my purse perfectly!

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